Production of Trusses

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Our trusses are produced from the following materials:


  • grey solid board

  • grey solid board coated with polymers as PE ; PP; PET

  • printline solid board

  • foodline solid board – certified for food products

  • corrugated board B ; C ; F



Our trusses are produced thanks to:


  • fast die-cut machines

  • appropriate set of tools that allow users to get high quality and accuracy of the final product

  • the highly qualified staff of our company

  • years of experience




Our trusses are applied in the following industries:


  • as a protection of the individual items against damage in transport and storage


  • electronic,

  • car

  • mechanical

  • others


  • as a protection of semi-finished products in transport


  • glass

  • electronic

  • electro-technical

  • others


  • as a protection of final products in transport and storage


  • alcoholic beverages

  • food


  • as a protection of final products in collective packaging